With the increase in the number of youth / young adults developing poor financial habits and accumulating debts easily in this financially challenging era, MoneyTree has been constantly working on cultivating good financial habits and developing new ways to provide learning opportunities to all kids under the belief and philosophy that “no child is too young to learn about Financial Literacy”.

With this philosophy in mind, MoneyTree launched its latest Financial Literacy online programme for primary school students called CashVille Kidz. Regularly innovating and cultivating a FUN yet EDUCATIVE approach in teaching, CashVille Kidz aims to bring a ‘real life’ approach to teaching kids about money, through four lively and dynamic CashVille characters with different money personalities.

CashVille Kidz is an award winning educational, animated series that focuses on providing financial lessons about saving money, developing positive spending habits, investment and the need for balancing finance with friends and family.

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