Meet your CashVille friends


Penny the Wise is perhaps the friendliest and loveliest character in CashVille Town. Always energetic and bubbly, Penny aims to please with her supportive nature to help those in need. As a result of her hardworking personality, Penny often acts as the leader amongst her peers.

Penny is a very cautious spender who only buys things that are necessary and encourages her friends to do so.


An intellect since birth, Sens is a boy genius that has an answer to every question and a solution to every problem. He spends most of his time in the school library reading volumes of textbooks and science fiction novels, devouring as much information as possible. In addition to his tech craze, Sens is also an inventor.

Raised in an upper middle class family, Sens is a careful spender and uses his pocket money mostly on books and occasionally action figures. Sens does not spend all his allowance but rather keeps it in his private safe.


The wildest bunch of them all, Barry the Maverick comes from a lower middle class family and as CashVille’s coolest kid, he is into skateboards and the hip-hop scene. He is loud, crude and a risk taker in both the craziest and business kind of way. Barry is not fond of rules and this is where his friends come in to the picture to help supervise him.

Barry is not much of a spender but he can be a little careless with his allowance – especially when there’s a new skateboard or action figure in stock. He has much to learn about saving money as well as keeping himself out of trouble from skateboarding in public areas.


Envied by a few and disliked by many, Suzy Spendamore is a Daddy’s girl and a princess wannabe who always gets what she wants. Born and raised in an upper class family, Suzy lives in a big, giant mansion with over ten servants, five chefs and three drivers. Her bedroom itself is like taking a trip to wonderland – it’s a room filled with expensive dolls, a merry-go-round, a water slide, a 20 feet long television and lots and lots of toys. It’s no wonder that she is known as “Spoiled Suzy”.

Suzy is incredibly careless with money and saving money is the last thing in her “to do” list. When she goes on a shopping spree, the amount of things she buys is enough to satisfy an entire school. She is perhaps the only kid in CashVille to ever own a credit card.