About CVK

CashVille Kidz is a 24-episode educational, animated series to teach kids about Financial Literacy. Each episode focuses on a specific financial lesson about saving money, developing positive spending habits and investment, and highlights the importance of striking a balance between managing one’s finance and spending time with friends and family.
Each short episode lasts about seven minutes and follows the gang of Penny, the responsible and caring leader; Sens, the nerdy and brilliant second-in-command; Barry, the youngest carefree daredevil; and Suzy, the spoiled daddy’s girl. A cast of supporting characters range from a school teacher and sports coach to town thieves who cause all kinds of trouble. As each main character confronts individual challenges, we see their personalities develop, and the targeted audience of 10-12-year-olds learn and grow with them.

CVK Objectives

The purpose of initiating this programme is to achieve 4 objectives:
1. To create an exciting avenue for kids to acquire knowledge in financial literacy.
2. To create opportunities for kids to apply their financial knowledge in an exciting manner.
3. To create a platform where kids can exchange ideas on financial literacy.
4. Motivate kids to take initiative in learning financial literacy through experiential learning.