Animated Series

CashVille Kidz is a 24-episode educational, animated series to teach kids about Financial Literacy. Each episode focuses on a specific financial lesson about saving money, developing positive spending habits and investment, and highlights the importance of striking a balance between managing one’s finance and spending time with friends and family.

CashVille Kidz brings together 4 good friends (Penny, Sens, Barry and Suzy), who despite their different backgrounds & personalities, share the same challenges when it comes to handling their daily money affairs.

The Cashville Kidz program is designed to encourage the development of a generation that is more knowledgeable, independent and prudent in terms of managing their finances.

The program has won 2 International Awards  – the “Efma-Accenture Innovation Awards 2013” in Paris, and the “Global CSR Award 2014” in Bali.

Workbooks & Worksheets:

The workbook is designed after the cartoon series. It contains activities, tutorials, fun facts related to financial literacy to help reinforce what the kids have learned in the Cashville Kidz Series.


Happy customers.

Students are able to learn the correct methods of money management. Through this program, students will increase in their English Language proficiency.

Chia Gaik Gnooi

Headmistress of SJKC Kuala Kemaman, Terengganu

This program improves students’ knowledge on the right ways of managing money. The CashVille Kidz Cartoon Series improves the English Language proficiency among students of our school.

Kamala Kaneson

Headmistress of SJKT Batu Arang

This program has developed a sense of interest in learning more about money management among primary school students. CashVille Kidz cartoon series has also improved the level of English Language proficiency among students of this school.

Juriah Abu Bakar

SK (P) Treacher Methodist